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Comprehensive marketing

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Known for our comprehensive marketing, we spend thousands of dollars every year ensuring that our clients' properties receive maximum exposure across a variety of different media, including: key property titles, email marketing, SMS, PR and of course online. A.N. Shell Group offers the most comprehensive portfolio of in-house marketing services and property management solutions available. Through tight integration with our client-partners we customize these services into partner-specific solutions offering our clients one source of accountability.

With market expertise in real Glossary Link estate, a proven commitment to investing in leading-edge technology, and the best team in the marketing services industry, A.N. Shell Group is proud to be the partner of choice to many of the city's best known brands. We look forward to discussing how we can put the unique combination of our business model, capabilities, talent and experience to work for your organization as well. We offer a comprehensive marketing plan in order to get your home sold. We don’t always do everything shown on this list, depending on the home and circumstances. For example, if we are listing an investor owned, tenant occupied home in a tract-home subdivision, many of these items simply won’t work.

  1. Pricing. We have learned that if a home is priced wrong, nothing else we do will make a difference. We study the history of recent sale extensively, looking at each comparable home to see how it really compares. We want to make sure we get every dollar that we can actually get for the home. By pricing to the current real estate market, we can get the maximum price in the minimum time.
  2. Setting the stage for staging. We will go though your home with a fine-tooth comb, often taking many photos. We will make lists of repairs, touch-ups and staging suggestions. We have referrals for professional property stagers available, if desired.
  3. Pre-inspection. If we have any doubts about the major systems of the home, we will suggest a pre-inspection. In some circumstances, we will recommend a home warranty. In many cases, sellers inevitably will buy a warranty as part of the contract. If you do, then you are covered under the warranty during the listing term.
  4. Repairs, painting and cleaning. This can take anywhere from a few days to more than a week. Everything’s a trade-off, and we can’t always do everything we might wish for, but we want for our homes to be as clean, as homey, as livable and as turn-key as we can possibly make them. We feel it is important to address these items prior to putting the home on the market.
  5. High quality, professional photography for marketing. The language of real estate is photography. We are strong believers that property images are one of the most critical items in real estate marketing. 90% of buyers search online for their new home and the photos are what attract them. Please compare the difference of professional real estate photography to what the typical agent provides with a point-and-shoot camera.
  6. Room Dimensions. We will measure room dimensions and include this on the floorplan. Unfortunately most agents fail to do this and we have found that this is something many buyers desire.
  7. Neighborhood photography. People tend to buy not only a home, but a neighborhood and its’ lifestyle, therefore, we include neighborhood photos to highlight those amenities.
  8. Videography. We don’t do this for every listing. We only do it when we have a story to tell, because video without a story is anti-marketing — worse than doing nothing. If the sellers or the neighbors have an interesting story to tell, that can work. Often, just using the neighborhood photos with a voiceover can make an interesting film.
  9. Custom website for the home. We acquire a domain (e.g. for the home and create a single-property-website for the home. This is a comprehensive site with photos, detailed descriptions, maps, schools, documents and more. This site can be worked on and enhanced both before and after the listing goes live. If you are active in social media (Facebook / Twitter, etc.), the link to the domain can be used to market the home to your own network. The more distribution the better!
  10. Listing Distribution. When listings go active in our website, they are automatically distributed to over 10 real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, Yahoo and AOL Real Estate. Virtually anywhere buyers are searching for homes, yours will be there!
  11. Create the Virtual Tour. High resolution photos are used throughout the tour. You will receive weekly reports via email with tour view statistics for your home.
  12. Compose the flyer. We build a full-color flyer using our best photos, printing it on heavy coated stock.
  13. Place the sign.. Our signs are distinctive and include our phone number and website.
  14. Add the listing to Craigslist, BackPage, eBay Classifieds.. Using the RealBird application above, we post to Craigslist, BackPage and eBay Classifieds with a full color brochure. We keep the listing updated and repost every 30 days.
  15. Write a blog entry promoting the listing and linking back to the single-property web site. This has the benefit of not only being seen by our normal blog traffic, but linking to your homes’ single-property website works very well with Google and the other search engines. This gets your homes’ website to be spidered much sooner than normal.
  16. Place the listing on our website.. All our marketing directs to our website and your home will be among the featured listings on all pages. This will also include links to the virtual tour and open house information.
  17. Upload video to YouTube. We create a video of your property and upload it to YouTube. This is quite important as YouTube is owned by Google and all their videos are indexed by them. We include tags to be found by Google searches and links back to our website.
  18. Feature the listing on We maintain a ‘Pro’ account with Trulia which means our listings will show as ‘featured’ listings on Trulia searches. You will receive a weekly email from Trulia showing how many times your home was displayed on searches, how many details views where shown and how many links were clicked for more information. We also show open house information on Trulia.
  19. Twitter your listing. We utilize a service which, multiple times per week, tweet information on your home and a link to our website.
  20. Open house. When appropriate, we will do an open house for your home. We will consult with you to determine if we feel we can attract qualified buyers into the home.
  21. Direct mail. When appropriate, we will mail a ‘just-listed’ postcard to your neighbors.
  22. MultiList auto-email. We set you up in the MultiList to receive automatic emails any time new competing listings come on the market or price and status changes occur. We will send an updated market analysis on your home every 30 days.

We continue to think of new ways to promote your home. Our primary goal is simply to sell your home. We are always working on new ways to draw attention to our homes, new ways to make them more appealing to buyers, and new ways to get the best results we can attain for our sellers. We’re always going to be working at getting better at listing and selling homes.

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Andrew Shell

Andrew Shell

When Andrew Shell founded A.N. Shell Real Estate in 1998, he had a vision for the way real estate should be handled: Anticipate and respond to the real estate needs of buyers and sellers. What he didn’t know is that he would also significantly change the way real estate is c. This began with two-agent office in the Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood. The company has grown exponentially each year since, setting the benchmark for the practice of real estate citywide. To view properties please call 917.662.2666


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